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Viweedy's selection of rolling paper in German.

We carry well-known brands such as RAW, Gizeh, OCB, Smoking and other selected papers.
We call papers cigarette papers, which are mostly made from rice, flax or hemp. Today's mixtures are also often produced from a mix of different raw materials.
Important properties of cigarette papers are the ability to smolder, the thickness of the "smoking papers", their own taste and the adhesive strip.

Optimal should be rolling paper

- burn down evenly and slowly ° be as thin as possible
- have no taste of their own ° burn odorless
- Contains adhesive strips made from natural ingredients

We offer you a large variety of different cigarette papers for sale. Whether slim or king size. rolls or blunts. 
Last but not least, there are pre-rolled cigarette cases (= cones) and also a huge selection of papers with their own flavor. Cigarette paper does not necessarily have to be white, but sometimes has a natural shade of brown or is even transparent. 

Lean back, because you can be sure that you will find all your favorite papers with us. We have rolling paper for every taste.
We are your dealer in Basel and Switzerland when it comes to turning.



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