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Various herbs, flowers and grass for steaming. Discover our selection for phytoinhalation.

Phyto-inhalation and aromatherapy
Plants and trees contain numerous volatile oils that we can smell when hiking through the forest. The scents come from the essential oils given off by most plants. When you smell rosemary, sage, thyme or lavender, it often has a beneficial effect on our body. You get free breath and often immediately feel better than before. These essential oils have been researched over time and used in various consumer products. (Perfume, incense sticks, incense mixtures). With a vaporizer you can directly release the active ingredient from medicinal plants and inhale. The effect is of course very dependent on the substance in question.


Vaporizer temperature setting

Almost all of our vaporizers offer temperature control. The ideal temperature differs depending on the particular substance to be vaporized. Below is a small temperature table for the most important plants:

plant Plant part temperature
marijuana blossoms 185 ° C[1]
eucalyptus leaves 130 ° C
hop Cones 154 ° C
chamomile blossoms 190 ° C
lavender leaves 130 ° C
sage leaves 190 ° C
thyme herb 190 ° C
Lemon balm  leaves 142 ° C