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Incense bundles are tied bundles of herbs and are often called "smudge sticks" or "incense sticks".

The tradition of incense bundles originates from the North American Indian culture, where herbs such as mugwort, sage and cedar have been smudged for a long time.

Living rooms, objects of daily use and of course the body are enveloped in the aromatic smoke of the smoke bundles in a cleansing manner and freed from all negative influences.

 The dried and tightly tied smudges are lit on an open fire, with a candle or a lighter on the tip, until they burn properly.

The bundle is then waved through the air so that the open flame goes out and the bundle of incense begins to glow.

A spicy, herbaceous scent rises and as long as you give the bundle enough air by waving it, it continues to glow. However, it may be necessary to relight the bundle.

One Incense pen is also recommended to gently fan the cleansing smoke into all corners of the room.

If the entire bundle of incense is not required, it can easily be extinguished by cutting off the smoldering end or sticking it in incense sand.