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In addition to resins, incense also includes wood, bark, herbs, leaves, needles, seeds and roots. When smoking, the ingredients are freed with fire. A transformation takes place through the element of fire. The valuable ingredients of the incense are released through the smoke.

Smoking is about, similar to homeopathy, the effect of separating the spirit of the plant from the plant body, the matter and making us available.

The forces of the elements increase the effect. The embers stand for fire, the incense bowl for water ° the smoked food for earth ° and the smoke for air.

Smoking has been part of every culture for thousands of years and is used on all continents of the world.

Smoking gives us back a piece of the earth connection that we have partially lost and can help us to recover from the hectic pace of everyday life and to connect with the rhythm, the pulse of nature and the planet earth.

In the past, the sense of smell played a vital role for our ancestors. In the jungle of civilization of our time with its emissions of all kinds, it has become difficult to recognize fragrances.

The scent of incense creates a harmonious, vibration-raising, awareness-promoting and healing / sacred atmosphere that we want.

Smoking lets us come home, to ourselves. It promotes our physical, mental and emotional well-being. It can be a valuable companion in hectic times and also support us with topics and decisions of all kinds to find the right path for us.

With our smoking shop, we have created a platform on which you can find a large selection of the best incense and smoking utensils at the best prices on a clearly laid out website.

We are pleased that you take a look at us and let yourself be inspired.